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What We Do

"We Support Community Members Impacted By Mass Incarceration And The (In)justice System To Sustain Successful Lives And Take Over Transformative, Community Care Work When We Are Gone."


Our Work

As A New Organization, We Are Building Our Re-Entry Support For People Directly Impacted By The Mass Incarceration Epidemic In California And Offer Help For Them And Their Families To Reflect Our Values Of Community, Liberation, And Intergenerational Healing


An Intervention Program That Is Aimed To Help The Youth At Risk, Or Whom May Be Currently Incarcerated

Helping Community Members With Services They Might Need; For Example, Easter Basket Giveaway, Turkey Giveaway, Toy Drives, Back To School Supplies Giveaways. This Program Is Aimed To System Impacted People, In Other Words Families Of Those Who Are Incarcerated

This Program Is Focused On Guiding Our Members Who Are Currently Incarcerated Transition Back Into Their Communities As Productive Members Of Society

A Page List Of All Policies Passed By California State Law That Were Impacted By The People Of

Pride In Truth. A Page Where We Reflect On Our Results.

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